A week ago my wife asked me “Do people really make any money online?”

Sure, tons of people, I assured her. I had the data to prove it.

She went on to qualify her question. “Do any REAL people make money online?”

After a bit of back and forth I got down to the heart of the matter. She really wanted to know if there was anyone making a living through blogging she could relate to.

Not tech junkies. Not marketing gurus. Regular ladies who took their personal experiences or their family matters or their ideas and built a successful business from the comfort of their couch.

I knew the answer, but I was shocked at the depth and diversity that I found. Using the income reports that these bloggers publicized, I created a list of 30 female entrepreneurs who earned a combined $292,872.61 revenue in the month of December, 2015.

Emily Watson – Shiny Happy Bright – $0

December 2015 was Emily’s first month blogging on her recipe site. Even though she did not see any revenue, she created her first Traffic & Income Report to journal her progress and publicly share her goals for 2016.

Kaylene – This Outnumbered Mama – $19.07

Kaylene has a young site devoted to parenting tips, many that help children with autism. Her income was generated through Adsense ads and the Amazon affiliate program.

Nicola – The Frugal Cottage – £50

In her second online income report, Nicola is still in shock that she is making money online.

Shirria – Goal Digging to Happiness – $55.00

In addition to the online freelance writing and product review, Shirria hustled over $700 in side income, which helped with Christmas and paying down a credit card.

Courtney – Eat Pray Run DC – $388.29

Running advice posts did well on Pinterest, resulting in Courtney’s income through sponsored campaigns, BlogHer network and Adsense.

Joy – Blue Ridge Babe – $618.18

Another first income report, Joy hit over 50,000 page views on her food blog.

Susan – Moms Make Money – $1,209.40

Susan and her husband Darren took over the reputed blog from Deby over a year ago and posted a recap income report detailing the year in review.

Morgan Timm – Mostly Morgan – $1,553.13

A college student and blogger, Morgan posts fashion, college and blogging advice. In December she focused on optimizing her SEO (and studied for finals).

Sarah Brooks – The Frugal Millionaire – $2,022.06

Sarah earned most of her December online income with freelancing, but the blog was profitable as well.

Rose – An Exercise in Frugality – $2,126.22

Her work as a Virtual Assistant took a slight dip this month, but Rose’s income report was on track due to $1200 in sponsored content.

Angie Jones – Living the Dream – $2,224.00

The second dynamic duo in this roundup, Angie and her husband Jeremy had a great freelancing month.

Christina Tiplea – Embracing Simple – $2,356.20

Christina’s lifestyle blog reached the 100K page view milestone this month. She attributes much of the recent success to investing in Tailwind, which schedules her Pinterest pins.

Choncé – My Dept Epiphany – $2,364.36

Freelance writing was the meat and potatoes of Choncé’s December online income after her full time job.

Kayla Cruz – Lost Gen Y Girl – $2,416.30

Kayla is out to prove that blogging is a serious profession, not just a silly hobby. $2,400 is never silly in my mind.

Nicky Corbishey – Kitchen Sanctuary – $2,798.72 (£1891.03)

Kitchen Sanctuary had another 100k page view month (go foodies!), but most of Nicky’s online revenue came from freelance writing.

Krystle – Baking Beauty – $2,873.00

Krystle has an interesting relationship with her employer, Gourmet Ads, which paid over $600 in ads on her blog.

Kara Benz – Boho Berry – $3,088.27

Kara hopes to inspire newbie bloggers with her story and income reports. The amazing thing is that this report total doesn’t even include her jewelry making business.

Emma – From Aldi to Harrods – £3,298.04

Emma has one of the most diverse online revenue streams I’ve seen in an income report. The most interesting? Matched betting. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Kristin – Believe in a Budget – $4,238.99

December was Kristin’s second full month freelancing full time, in which she recorded nearly 10x her July income and 100x March. Amazing growth in less than a year!

Alexa Mason – Single Moms Income – $5,564.27

The biggest lesson Alexa learned this year can be summed up from a Henry Ford quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Debbie – One Little Project – $5,682.28

One Little Project (At a Time) saw the most income from The Blogger Network, which seems to be outperforming AdSense ads consistently for women bloggers on this list. Debbie’s biggest traffic came from a post ranked #1 on Pinterest for “Christmas.”

Meredith Greenburg – Arts and Classy – $5,712.41

Meredith was pleased to announce that she surpassed her goal of $15K for the year. The biggest changes resulting in her success was setting specific goals, implementing Tailwind and switching her hosting to BlueHost.

Nicole Dieker – The Write Life – $7,492.26

Nicole is a freelance writing machine. She cranked out 55 content pieces totaling over 40,000 words, averaging $79 per publication.

Jennifer – Show Me the Yummy – $7,585.44

Another wife and husband team, Jennifer and Trevor’s food blog had its biggest income source from AdThrive.

Sharon Gourlay – Digital Nomad Wannabe – $12,427

Sharon decided after her second $10K+ month that this will be her last income report. Now that’s she’s met her blog goals, she wants to be more private. Congrats Sharon, and thanks for the posts that you’ve shared. Each is like a chapter in a book on how to build a successful online business.

Gina Horkey – Horkey Handbook – $16,503.00

The Horkey family had a tremendous growth year, starting around $5K a month and ending with $16K. 38% of Gina’s income was generated from course sales (completely passive) while 58% came from writing, VA work and coaching.

Sydney – Untemplater – $18,086.00

Freelancing was the bulk of Sydney’s income but affiliate and advertising partnerships earned her $4,374 on her blog. She recommends starting your own website, tracking your net worth, getting a personal investment plan and breaking free of your 9 to 5.

Michele Schroeder – Making Sense of Cents – $39,292

In 2015, Michele Schroeder earned $320,888 and December was her best month ever. She earned over $38K in affiliate income in December, the lion’s share coming from BlueHost and Ebates.

Melyssa Griffin – The Nectar Collective – $53,945.00

Melyssa’s courses on designing graphics using Pinterest and other social media strategies are her online business’ biggest earners at $45K. With only 234K page views, Melyssa commands one of the highest RPM (revenue per thousand views) in this list.

Lindsay (and Bjork) – Pinch of Yum – $86,883.72

Pinch of Yum has been rocking the blogosphere for 5+ years and their pictures of food are so delicious you may add 5 pounds just visiting. Lindsay (and her husband Bjork) take the top prize in this roundup of lady bloggers. Their recent redesign efforts are focused on email marketing, screen layout and high definition images. The biggest takeaway from PoY is their concept of 1% infinity. Making small improvements to your online business, every day will result in huge differences in revenue in the long run.

I hope this roundup of rockstar female bloggers inspires you as much as it does me. Congrats to all the ladies who are doing to side hustle, building an online business or crushing it in their field. Great work and best wishes for 2016!